Ultimate resource guide for the saltwater hobby


Everyone needs help sometimes. In the saltwater fish hobby it is considered something that is an inch wide and a mile deep. No matter how long you are in this hobby there is always more to know, and something that you havent seen before.

This is a compendium of resources that can help you with your journey along the way

The list

  1. Humble fish . This forum is all about marine health and disease control. This is first for a reason, as it has the most comprehensive guides to controlling ich, velvet and every other disease you will find in your reef tank.
  2. Reef2Reef This is another forum. While not as technical as Humble Fish the volume of users makes up for the expertise with experience. If something has happened in a reef tank, its been talked about here
  3. BRS 52 Weeks of Reefing While BRS is a great knowledge base overall, no video series is as useful as the 52 weeks of reefing. It will take you from begining to end and covers the majority of things you need to know to successfully have a thriving reef tank.
  4. Live Aquaria. Live Aquaria is an online fish store. The prices are a bit high and most things are not in stock, but that isn’t why this list is here. They have compiled the largest database anywhere of pictures, compatibility, feeding and overviews of animals anywhere. Want to know if you can put a Dusky Wrasse in with your Melanarus Wrasse? This is the place to find out (fyi you can’t).

There are many other sites full of information out there but these main ones will carry you very far in your saltwater aquarium adventures. Also as a bit of a personal plug, the blogs for Artistic Oceans (where you’re at), carry a wealth of information about issues people experience in real time when dealing with Saltwater fish in las vegas.

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